22 May 2008

And now, for comparison...

And now, for comparison, check out Riis bike toss from the 1997 Tour de France.

I think Millar has it all over Riis in this case. They do have something in common though, they both doped with EPO.

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David Millar bike toss for distance...

I've got to give this guy credit. I didn't think a scrawny armed bike racer could toss his bike so well for distance, AND rotation. It is probably the best "I hate my bike" toss that I've ever seen from a pro bike racer. But then again, Riis toss was good, but this one tops it if you ask me.

Millar, he is so whiney. This time might even be worse than the time he walked across the finish line of the Angrilu during la Vuelta, threw his bike down (no toss that time, he must have been working on his arm strength since then), and quit the Vuelta, because that stage was too hard. Hey, Millar, guess what? It's pro bike racing. It's supposed to be hard you dolt.

Check out the video, it's pretty good. Millar is on the left hand side of the road in the white kit with the Union Jack on his jersey.

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04 May 2008

The job...

Frequent readers of this blog (hey you 2, knock that off), may have heard me complain about my job somewhere along the line. How my boss is a complete and utter dumb ass, and or how I was working slave like long hours with little thanks. 

Well, I'm happy to report that a couple of things happened this week that will make that work situation that much better.

1. My un-holy turd pile of a boss was removed from his position. He could no longer achieve, well, anything, and they took him out, and moved him to another location. Ding dong the freakin' witch is dead and all of that good stuff. It's not that I wish horrible things for people, but this guy had every single chance, and then some, to make the most out of what he was doing, and he failed miserably. As a consequence, most of the people in our organization think that the quality department, of which I'm a member, are a bunch of incompetent douchey McDouches. And here's why. During the reign of my now former boss, a certain style of overlording, and or micromanagement came into effect with the quickness. This hardly ever allowed anyone to get anything done. Why you might ask? Well, he would have to review everything, and make little tweaks and or changes before anything went anywhere, and after many revisions, you'd kind of just give up, and not do whatever it was you were doing. See, thing is, this guy when he first started at the company, was trained by yours truly, and at that point in time, he was a horrible quality engineer, and well, it carried over. The other thing that really makes me mad about this whole thing is that myself, and everyone else in my department have been working their asses off for a long time. Hell, myself and another guy I work with have been doing between 10-14 hour days consistent for months on end now, and do we even get a thank you? No sir, not from this place. What we get from our staff people is this, "Quality is horrible for this plant, and it's your fault". Of course, they forget about the turnover, lack of training, lack of good parts coming from our vendors, running our floor personnel 7 days / week for months on end, the closing of 2 other key sister company vendor plants, new projects coming in, and so on and so forth. And instead, what rolls out of it, is that you guys suck, instead of looking at the real root causes, which are lie at the feet of upper management. It was pretty simple actually. A few years ago, they decided we needed to cut headcount to save money (which never works). So, they did. What they did was to get rid of most of the experienced operators out on the production floor (you know, the people that make the product that we sell for profit), and replaced them with temporary workers. I'm not saying temporary workers are bad, but you place anyone out on the assembly cell without training, I'll give you 3 guesses as to what is going to happen.

Anyway, I digress...

Getting back to things that were a cause for improvement this week at work.

2. I received a job offer, that looks really good, and I'm going to take it. Which means that in a few weeks time, myself, the wife, the dogs, and the cats will be moving out to Asheville, NC. Which just might be one of the, if not THE most beautiful place in NC. It actually reminds me a lot of my hometown, the surrounding mountains and such, the topography if you will. The town has a great vibe going for it though. There are lots and tons of people around our ages there, it trends late 20's, and or early to mid 30's in age, has great restaurants, has great beer drinking establishments, has a great culture going on out there, and so on. It's a prime place to live. Also, just about any outdoor activity that I either like to do, and or used to do is readily available. Almost limitless road riding, limitless mountain biking, climbing, hiking, running, and on and on runs the list. It's an outdoor paradise, and it's gonna be awesome.

In the future, I won't complain about the new job, well, at first, but it does look promising and challenging, and I think everything is going to be a-OK.

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