29 April 2005

Opening salvo...

So my friend Chad thinks that I'm a loser for working on a blog, and posting items and opinions to the internet. Well, he's probably correct I'm afraid, but hey, what can a man do really? Like the url of the blog says, blogging, so hot right now. It's almost as hot as Texas hold 'em poker. I mean hell, Ben Affleck starts playing poker, and all of a sudden everyone wants to start playing poker. I just don't get it. I even find myself every once in awhile tuning in and watching people play poker on TV. Now this is some boring stuff my friends. It's even worse than golf. I've played many hands of cards in my time, and playing, much different than watching. If I ever have a hard time getting to sleep, which often I do, I'll just tune in the World Poker Tour on some cable channel that nobody has ever heard of, and I have a feeling I'd be off and sleeping in no time at all. I think I'll TiVo some old episodes just in case I do have a raging bout of insomnia again sometime soon.

I sit at work today with a blazing hangover from last evening. Why does wine taste so good and then come back to bite you again the next day? It's not like I consumed mass quantities or anything last evening, but I guess one half bottle of Fat Bastard chardonnay consumed while watching Law and Order SVU with the significant other qualifies me to have one pounding hangover the next day. There were most definitely times today when I thought about going into the men's room and sleeping on the toilet for an extended period of time. This is how bad I felt. And if you've ever been into a bathroom in a manufacturing facility, you'd know that this is a challenge all and of itself. Those bathrooms, let's just say the cleanliness factor of them rates right up there with port o' potties. Luckily, as the day progresses, I'm starting to feel better. The head, still hurting, but the excessive amounts of Tylenol like substances that I've taken today seem to be working at least a little bit. Also, the "cone of meat" I had for lunch (cone of meat = a gyro or souvlaki for those who aren't in "the know" about such terms) seems to also be working its sweet meat magic in my tummy. The local sandwich shop run by Egyptian immigrants here in the town I work in, good eats. I'm still actually surprised on a daily basis that the shop is still there just based on the fact that the town I work in is chock full of rednecks and people who don't understand the culture of neighboring towns, let alone countries like Egypt. I'm still amazed and surprised, pleasantly I might add, that this shop hasn't been razed to the ground by the local militia for being run by a bunch of Muslims. I think it's because they overtly put up pictures of Jesus and other Christian icons in the shop immediately following September 11th, which I might add, was very smart on their part. People just don't understand such things around here. They shouldn't have to do this, but they did, and people around here love them. There is a another middle eastern eatery that I frequent, and the guy who runs that place, he's kind of like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, except his Nazi-ism comes from the fact that he will not allow you to have ketchup for any food that he makes, except for french fries, he'll make an exception for those. Everything else, no ketchup. They even sell t-shirts. Although, the last time I went into his establishment, there was a sign posted that said something along the lines of, "I don't care anymore you can have ketchup." It appears that he's given up the good fight. This is not to say that I'm anti-ketchup, I'm just the opposite, I'm very pro-ketchup, but for middle eastern food, what would you put ketchup on? It just doesn't go very well with hummus.