19 October 2008

Dear Senator McCain:

Dear Senator McCain:

There once was a time that I had a ton of respect for you. That was about 8 years ago. You ran a great campaign to try to get the nomination of your party to run for President of these here United States of America. What happened during that time was a travesty really. The person opposing you (George W. Bush) and his cronies (mostly Karl Rove and host of other shady characters) ran deceitful ads against you. Making horrible robo calls saying that you had fathered an illegitimate black child out of wedlock, and they attacked your character. Sir, you stood up to them, and would not stoop down to their level. You lost that campaign, but you did gain the respect of a lot of people outside of your party who wouldn't have thought of voting for you before. I was one of those converts, and might have voted for you if you had gained your party's nomination.

Sir, this holds true no longer. All of the dirty tricks that were played on you by those operatives, you have turned them against your foe Senator Barack Obama during this presidential campaign in 2008. You hired the same goons that usurped your good name, and ran nasty vile ads against you. Seeing the latest rounds of political ads from you, tells me that you're running the same playbook that George W. Bush ran against you 8 years ago. Here's the thing; it's not working this time around. Why? Mostly because now you come across as an old coot who doesn't know how to run a campaign. Stop with the "straight talk express". That bus rolled down a hill a long time ago. You attack Obama on character, not policy, and the sad thing is, is that the man has more character in his little finger than you have in your entire body. I'm certainly convinced of it, and there are a lot of other people who are convinced of it as well. You claim to want to put the country first, and that you're a man who believes that he can make great bi-partisan efforts once he is elected President. Senator McCain, you are not that man. Why? Mostly because you keep attacking the people that you say you can get along with. Your shameful ads recently talking about Congressional liberals and how bad they are is just a bunch of bullshit basically. You lie through your teeth. Your VP pick lies through her teeth. Hell, you've even got your wife in on the lying bit. You talk about Obama "palling" around with terrorists, which is supposed to invoke fear in people in the US. Thing is, again, it's not working because people can see right through your little charade.

Senator McCain, you have become what is horrible in politics in this country, and yet we keep hearing that you don't want to run this type of campaign, and you have even said so yourself before, thing is, it is your campaign, and it's utterly, and totally a piece of shit. You tell the American people that Barack Obama would do ANYTHING to become President. Isn't that what you're doing your senile imbecile? Why would you run for President if you didn't really want to win and take that awesome responsibility on your shoulders? Of course he's doing everything he can to win, and so are you, which is driving it straight into the gutter.

You talk about Obama hanging out with William Ayers, like they're old time chums. Guess what? I know that this won't surprise you, but they're not. Sure, they know each other. Sure, they served on the same board to do educational work (started by one of Ronald Reagan's best friends by the way), and sure he once donated $200 to him for his first State of Illinois campaign, but guess what? They're not pals. Not even close. Do they know each other? Sure. Are they bestest friends? Not even close. When you talk about Ayers, people seem to forget that you, just as recently as the other night, claimed that you were proud to know G. Gordon Liddy. I don't know why someone doesn't call you to task for this. Why? Well, let's review some of the things that Liddy did. First, he broke into the Watergate, causing the downfall of Nixon. He went to jail for that, for a number of years. A few years ago, he talked about how to kill federal ATF agents by shooting them in the head. This man had a party for you, AT HIS HOUSE, and has donated the maximum amount of money that he could to your campaign. You're proud to know this man? If Obama has an Ayers problem, then YOU have a G. Gordon Liddy problem. See, thing is, is that, I don't care that you know that scumbag, and I don't care that you are proud to know that scumbag. Why? Because it is a stupid game of guilt by association. Since you're playing it, it should be played against you as well. Obama though, he's too good to do that. He hasn't brought it up. Not once. Mostly because I think that he can see that the American people can see right through you and your craziness.

Senator McCain, you would be horrible for this country. You once were a "maverick", maybe. But those days are long gone. You voted, just this past 2 years, with what Bush wanted 95% of the time. Since Bush took office, you voted with him 90% of the time. You want to continue the destructive administration that has taken our country down quite a lot since 2001, and you actually think that this is a good idea? You talk about change, as if that's possible, considering the people who you most want to change, are the people in your own party, and your platform sounds just like George W. Bush redux.

To end this, you sir, have lost the respect that you had once gained from me. I respect you for your service to this country during a time of war, but that's it. And even that last little bit of respect that I have for you is starting to fade because you use your POW experience now as a campaign tool. Sir, you are going to lose in November, and you are going to lose horribly. You can't stop Barack Obama now, so maybe you should just lay down, take a nap, and get out of the way. In another 4 years from now when our country has gained back the respect that it lost, and its standing in the world, you'll see that I am right, and that Obama was the actual change for good. We can't survive even another 4 years with you, Senator McCain, leading this country. Rome is burning, and all you care about is calling a man a terrorist. You sir, are simply, a disgrace.

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