01 August 2009

Sometimes, someone hits it on the head...

So, every once in awhile, I read something that makes good sense, and I just read something of that nature, and wanted to share it with you.

Read it, it's good, I promise, and makes too much sense, so it will probably be ignored.

Now, I'm not going to pretend that I know a lot about health care, but what I do know, is that republicans are trying to scare Americans into not reforming the system, and they're doing a pretty good job of it. Talking about senior citizens getting euthanized, and of course, bringing up the dreaded "S" word, that being SOCIALISM!! I've got a list right here folks, and on it, are the names of KNOWN socialists that reside in the Congress of the United States, and of course, they're all democrats! God forbid that we have health care for all of our citizens, that would be downright un-American by God! Hey, like the article link says, I've got mine, to hell with the rest of you!

Seriously though, if my taxes go up, by just a little bit, to help provide health insurance to my fellow citizens who don't have it, I'm all for it. Really. I think it could be one small thing that I could do for my country, and my fellow citizens that could make a better country for ALL of us.

These last few weeks have been silly. I thought republicans, and their talking mouthpieces on the radio and TV were bad during the Clinton years, but folks, they have gone off of the rails. Just this week, as mentioned above, we had conservatives (including lawmakers) talking about how the health plan reform would euthanize senior citizens, and then we have the "birthers", the growing number of conservatives who honestly believe that Obama is NOT a citizen of the United States (not a natural born citizen) even though he was born in Hawaii, and the government of Hawaii has said, repeatedly that he was born there. Then we have Glenn Beck calling Obama a racist, and that he doesn't like white people (forgetting of course that he is half white, so he must slap himself every morning when he wakes up). And so on, and so forth. Damn, we're only 6 months into his first of second terms, and we're already getting the crazy shit. I know that this is a strawman argument, but think, just THINK if a liberal commentator had called Bush a racist. Think about what happened when Kanye West said something to that effect, the conservatives went fucking NUTS! Think about what happened when the Dixie Chicks said that they didn't like George Bush, the conservatives went FUCKING NUTS! And, most country stations wouldn't play their music, being good patriotic Americans that they are.

All of a sudden, even in the absence of evidence, a mainstream conservative commentator calls Obama a racist, and everyone is OK with this? We have Lou Dobbs calling for Obama to show his birth certificate, because there are "questions" about where he was born (bear in mind, this was actually put to rest almost a year ago when this first came up by Hawaii, and Obama himself), and that's somehow OK? That's a legit question? It smells folks, it freakin' smells of racism to me, especially coming from Lou Dobbs, king of TV racists (see his past tirades about illegal immigrants for good examples of how he hates people of color). Throw in, again, people like Glenn Beck advocating for the overthrow of the democratically elected government of the United States, and that's OK?

We need to call these assholes out for the misinformation, and outright lies that they sow on a daily basis. They'll cry about censorship (it's not), they'll cry about freedom of speech (it's not a freedom of speech issue), but it needs to be done. Honestly, I'd be just as angry if folks were doing this to a republican President, but since the media is in the pocket of the conservatives, this would never happen.

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