20 April 2008

Sort of new dog...

About a month or so ago, we took yet another step towards becoming crazy pet people, and we got another dog. We really did need another dog, as our current dog had a companion in our neighbor's dog, and they moved, and hence, she was sad and lonely. The wife scoured the local animal shelters during her Spring Break (WOO HOO!), and we came up with a dog named, of all things, Hercules. Immediately after getting him home, we re-named him Grover. As in Cleveland, not the Seasame Street character, and no, he's not blue (see pictures). Anyway, he's become a part of the family now, and we don't have any plans to get any more pets. We are on a pet moratorium (of course, we said this before). The count now stands at 3 cats, and 2 dogs, and a house full of pet hair. Pet hair all of the time. Ah well, they are fun to have around, so it's worth it. Check out the pictures of Grover.

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