19 February 2012

Obama Agenda Not Based on Bible - Says Rick Santorum

Hey, Ricky. I should hope that Obama's agenda ISN'T based on the Bible. Why? Because we, here in America follow a secular founding document called The Constitution. I suggest that maybe, just maybe, you read it. You and your fellow republicans and Tea Party followers fetishize The Constitution, but methinks you guys have no idea what is really IN the document itself. And this is where you get yourself into trouble.

What this is really about of course is the fact that Santorum hasn't got anything of substance to run on. His ideas and policy positions are so out of whack, and so far from what the mainstream in America believe he has not chance in a general election against Obama. Heck, not even just against Obama, Biden would probably beat him in a general election. This is a man, who, not too long ago lost his own re-election bid in his home state by over 15 points. No matter what world you're from, that is an ass beating. Just remember though, Santorum is now barely leading Mitt Romney in polling in regards to who will be the nominee for the republican party to go against President Obama. None of them really have a chance, especially when Obama is going to mop the floor with whoever they put up against him in a debate. But I digress.

What I think this is also about is that the republicans, since before Obama took office, have been trying to paint him as something other than, American. Other than Christian. They are trying to paint him as a foreigner, I mean, look at that name. Barack HUSSEIN Obama (never mind of course that Hussein is one of the most popular names in the Islamic world). They desperately want him to be not from here. Not an American. This led to the whole birther bullshit that went on, and actually, is STILL going on. 

The quote from the article linked above that I most "like" from Santorum is this:

"A devout Roman Catholic who has risen to the top of Republican polls in recent days, Santorum said the Obama administration had failed to prevent gas prices rising and was using "political science" in the debate about climate change."

Actually, Obama is using real science in the debate about global climate change. Republicans are the ones using rhetoric of belief to describe what is really going. Such as, they believe global climate change doesn't exist, so, they deny that it is happening, contrary to ALL of the evidence (and there is a lot of it) to the contrary. They stand so firm and fixed to their belief system that even when their ideas are dis proven, they still grasp to them and hold tight, instead of re-evaluating, and maybe seeing what is really going on. Of course, global climate change is all a hoax foisted upon the people of the world by that horrible Al Gore, so that's why they really hate it. If Obama came out tomorrow, and said that global climate change was a hoax and that there was no science to back it up, I predict the republicans would flip just to be opposite of our President. Maybe he ought to do that, and then we can get some changes rolling.

This other thing, the stupid about how the President (whoever he is) can control gas prices is bullshit too. For people who profess to love the free market and capitalism they don't seem to know how it works too well. Same as their Constitutional knowledge. They love it, but they don't know what is going on within it.

Let me break it down simply. The world oil market is controlled by the oil and gas producers. Not the United States President. OPEC has a pretty big say about it. When demand goes DOWN, the speculators and or oil producers make adjustments, and the prices of their products go UP. When demand goes up, prices go down. It's pretty simple really. And with the more recent advent of higher gas prices (over the last 4-5 years) I suspect the fact that a lot of people are buying more fuel efficient vehicles, and are using LESS gas contributes greatly to the higher gas prices that we're experiencing. Which I think is actually OK. Why? Mostly because compared to the rest of the world, our gas prices are still incredibly low. Higher prices encourage people to purchase more fuel efficient vehicles, use more public transportation, and or find alternate means of transportation to and from work, like riding a bicycle (which is something I really need to do, and practice what I preach). 

Look, Rick, in summary, just keep your stupid ideas about religion out of my Government. I would appreciate it. Plus, it's un-Constitutional. 



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good stuff. good analysis.


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